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Best Blog Titles for Contentskycrop1 The Best Blog Titles for Your Content: 6 Best Practices for How to Get the Click

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Choosing the best blog titles for your content is essential to attract readers’ attention on the web. For your article to prevail online, attract more views, and get the click, it should stand out and grab the attention of your readers. Putting additional thought and creativity into your title makes all the difference.

A good title will influence readers to click on your article in both search results and on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, StumbleUpon, and Digg.

How do you grab readers’ attention? Make it a goal for every article title to incorporate at least one of the strategies below. Each strategy below includes trigger words and real examples of articles written on Skyword that have performed exceptionally well. (A lot of them have gotten tens of thousands of views!)


Spark your readers’ curiosity. Ask a question and entice readers to click your article to find the answer. Use weird and astonishing facts in the title to provoke curiosity and elicit shock value. Additionally, readers love multimedia, so include words like Video, Poll, Photo, Image, or Infographic in your title, if applicable. You never know why someone wants to look at your article; it could just be for the photo or to see the results of a poll.

Trigger words that get the click: Which…?, Who…?, How…?, Should…?, Why…?, (Video), (Photo), (Poll), (Infographic), Mistakes, New

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • Is Aloe Vera Good for Your Face?
  • UFO Coverup on Last Shuttle Mission? (Video)
  • Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes
  • Raspberry Pi: What Can a $25 Computer Do?
  • Will the FBI Turn Off the Internet on March 8, 2012?


Include how-to steps or descriptions for the reader. This implies a solution to a problem that will be presented in a clear way to readers, and it promises a simple set of instructions. Articles titled this way set an expectation of organization, which is very appealing to readers.

Trigger words that get the click: How To, Easy, Description, Steps, Ways

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • Hairstyles for Bridesmaids: 3 Different Styles, 3 Easy Steps!
  • How to Find The Best Skin Care Products For You
  • At Home Facial: 10 Steps of a Spa Facial
  • How to Get Your Gas Prices Down to $1/Gallon Like Billionaire Boone Pickens


Another good strategy is to position warnings or cautions against well-known brands or ideas. Readers pay very close attention to anything that might threaten their health, wealth, home, family, or life. Remember, if you trigger curiosity, readers will click on your article.

Trigger words that get the click: Warning, Alert, Caution, Look Out For, Safe, Safety, Trust, Lies, Hoax, Money, Life, Actually, Concerns, Recall

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • Warning: The Internet Might Break Tomorrow!
  • Ground Beef Recall – 34,373 Lbs. Recalled Over E. Coli Concerns
  • How to Spot Cancerous Moles: Knowing the Warning Signs
  • Hello, This Is LulzSec–How Can I Hack You?
  • Why IT Should Step Away From Adobe Flash


Promising a numbered list is one of the best methods to encourage clicks. Numbered lists are easy to read, and the organization is very appealing to readers. Research shows that odd numbers do better than even numbers because they feel more believable. Additionally, if you list The Top XX…, readers might click on the article just to see what made the top of the list, to see if they agree with you.

Trigger words that get the click: The Top, Guide, Tips, Ways, Benefits, Signs

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • The Top 11 Must-Have Baby Products: A Mom’s List
  • Five Cloud Computing Trends That Will Impact Your Technology Strategy
  • Tea Tree Oil: 3 Quick and Easy Hair Care Tips
  • Miss Universo 2011: Las 7 mujeres más “feas” de este certamen
  • What Are The Top 10 Baseball Movies?


At times, your readers just want to feel engaged or to be entertained. Use humor, wit, and even puns if appropriate. Put a focus on your readers to grab their attention; make the title about them by inserting “you” in the title. Also, controversial topics are a good way to engage readers and initiate debate. Capture attention and drive discussion from anyone who cares about that subject. Your articles will rank higher in search engines if they initiate steady streams of conversation.

Trigger words that get the click: You, Controversy, Debate, Surprising, Alarming

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • Is Dark Hair With Caramel Highlights Right for You?
  • Pink Slime Controversy Could Lead to Beef Shortage
  • Does America Hate Gay People?
  • Is Cloud Computing Right for Your Company?


Readers love secrets. Discovering a new secret is an irresistible obsession, especially if you can combine secrets with a positive outcome or a solution to a problem your reader faces. With so many responsibilities people are juggling today, an article that encourages simplification is likely to get the click.

Trigger words that get the click: Secret, Secrets, Just Like, Now, New, Simplify, Shortcut, Cheat Sheet

Examples of successful articles written on Skyword:

  • Beyonce Losing the Baby Weight: Secrets Revealed!
  • Tips for Finding Baby Coupons and Saving Some Bucks
  • Jennifer Aniston’s 2011 Beauty Secrets Can Be Yours!
  • 5 Best Winter Hair Secrets with Jet Rhys, Celebrity Stylist

Additional Tips & Important Considerations

Keep these important tips in mind:

  • SEO. Use keywords and secondary keywords! Readers may not be able to find your article in search engines if you don’t effectively use keywords.
  • Social media sharing. Stimulate sharing of your article. Social users will retweet/like an article with a great title since they ultimately want to look knowledgeable to their own followers or friends. Search engines also rank articles that have been widely shared, retweeted, or liked.
  • Word count. Shorter titles typically do a better job of catching attention. They are also better for sharing on social media (Think about Twitter–140 characters is not very much!). Every word in the title should have a part to play. Short and sweet is best; an ideal length is 6-7 words.
  • Visual elements that catch your eye. Use numbers, add information in parentheses, and write words in all caps. Use specific stats in your title. Instead of 40%, use 39.57%; the latter feels more real, like some kind of research or study was involved in this data. Readers will be more confident that you know what you’re talking about (even if it’s subconscious).
  • Write the title first. Set the stage for your article and set that article’s expectations. Clearly demonstrate to your readers the benefit of taking the time to click on and read your article, but don’t mislead your readers. You should deliver on what is promised in the title.


前两天翻译了一篇Social Media的文章,分享下,供大家一起学习学习。


尽管对我们很多人来说,社会化媒体已不再陌生,可这个闪光的新玩具却正在慢慢唤醒整个世界。多亏了《The New community rules》(译者:中文版为《正在爆发的营销革命》)《Engage》《Social Media 101》等书籍的面世,让人们在现今对社会化媒体这个明亮的营销机会开始了解。撇去社会化媒体给予我们广阔的机会来说,它只是众多营销途径中的一个。在你兴奋于社会化媒体营销的潜力之前,我们还是应该先面对它的一些现实问题。



虽然你启动了社会化媒体策略,它的效果也不会如制胜法宝一样神速。社会化媒体营销是一个冗长而又乏味的过程。大多数的社会化媒体营销涉及到耗时的关系搭建过程。 你有一个周、一个月或者三个月成为别人好朋友的经历么?信任是需要赢得的,而赢得信任又是需要时间的。如果你打算参与到社会化媒体营销中来,最好做好等待的准备。已经建立起来的品牌做社会化媒体营销会容易很多,因为他们已经有了粉丝。但是如果你是人群中一张陌生的面孔,人们就会特别怀疑的看着你:你是谁? 为什么会在这里?。在最初的几个月里,你也许会得到10个B2B Leads,如果你没有加入到社会化媒体中来,你根本不会得到这些leads。但如果你坚持做,那么这个数字就会成倍或者三倍的增长,前提是你必须坚持。


如果你是社会化媒体营销中的一员,希望你不仅仅只是在用大家都在用的工具。不可否认,大部分社会化媒体营销计划都始于像Facebook, Twitter这样公认的主流社会化媒体,主要原因是这些媒体聚集了大量多样化的用户群体,一定能让你找到对你产品感兴趣的群体。(当然,一旦加入了你需要寻找发掘,做宣传,进行任何可以带来忠实粉丝的营销运作。)但是,你要向你的客户或者营销团队清楚的表达:社会化媒体不仅仅是参与到Twitter和 Facebook上去。还有一些可能的额外工作,例如:精准社交网络宣传,博客推广,图片共享,通过企业和消费者网络发掘潜在用户,举行竞赛,恶搞视频,紧随网络信息的电话会议,通过线上网络转化的面对面会议,参加活动和会议,反向通道交流等等。





  • 如果朋友与粉丝的比例是1:1(2万个朋友和2万个粉丝的平均分配),那么这个人很可能应答了每一个朋友邀请。这可能还意味着他去找了更多的关注着。
  • 如果朋友与粉丝的比例是2:1(2万个朋友,1万个粉丝)那你可能要担心为什么不平均呢?难道是你的潜在粉丝对你的推不感兴趣?
  • 反过来说,如果朋友与粉丝的比例是1:2(2万个朋友,4万个粉丝),那也是一个危险信号。我见过无数“专家”“明星”应答每一个朋友请求,但是最终还是清除所有人。而这些人因为数字的人为夸大,看起来像摇滚歌星一样出名。





















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