Right now I am responsible for one of the facebook page called DHgate Kaboooom! Fashion. That is why I have been search around for some fashion related news, items, and styles which is fun to do.

I don`t really find myself connected to most of the trendy items in the fashion field. It is too much for me, too complicated and maybe a bit pretentious as well. Or It is just me being lazy which might be more true than another.

The random trendy thing I found today is feather hair extension. Yes, wearing feathers in one’s hair in the form of feather hair extensions is now a hot hair trend especially among younger women for a rocker chic or back-to-nature look.

Hmmm, again, I am thinking WHY?

I like simple style. Just like the saying: Only great minds can afford a simple style. You know what I am talking about? 😉


Pure Lotus

My Sweet boyfriend took me to pure lotus (净心莲) , a vegan restaurant for birthday dinner. As a huge foodie, I must admit that this place is surely a spiritual experience. The minute we walked in, I could smell the fragrant incense.The fine atmosphere and elaborate presentations certainly made a deep impression. We sat down, I realized the plates are all big clam shells, and it comes with fresh lotus leaves in the bottom. Just when I am still admiring the fresh lotus leaves, waitress brought us the menu, which is intimidating book, seems like 2 meters long, 3KG weight. The whole “book” is full of poems and beautiful words. It must took us 40 minutes to “study”. 😛 We had to wrote down what do we want to get since the dish names are all long and hard to remember. Some of the dishes are way to expensive for me to order comfortably.

We got 2 fresh made juice. Both are very “healthy” tasting.

1st dish: roll dish, basically  organic rice wrapped up with tofu skin. It presented with white jade looking “Ruyi“. I felt like I was served in heaven.

2nd dish: Cheese balls. My favorite dish for sure. Very tasty.  Again, the dish was served in a plate holding by Buddha. Then a wooden box in front of it which looks like the pray stool. In the end we figured out it is the ingredient box full of black pepper powder. 😀

3rd dish: Yum stew. It has yum, fu zhu(Tofu product), Ginkgo fruit, Celery. This one tasted just ok. Not very special.

4th dish: Foil wrapped tofu. They used a different type of tofu. The texture is harder than the normal ones. I would order this one again. 🙂

5th dish: Bread Cheesy Stew. This one is quite western style. It is basically Cheese, milk, cream and vegetables baked in the bread loaf. It is quite rich I have to say.

6th dish: Thankfully it is the last one. I was stuffed at the 5th dish. It is light fried rice mixed with black sesame, Pine nuts and some vegetables. I never had fried rice like this, quite a great change. I will try to steal this recipe.

In the end, they gave us free fruits. They put hot water with dried ice in a pot, then put a plate with 2 peaches in it. It looked beautiful. Somehow it reminded me one of my favorite show: journey to the west. One of scene is the money king stealing peaches in heaven, where full of fog.

Pure Lotus borders on the pretentious but it is undeniably one of the unique dining experiences in Beijing. Luckily there was nothing we ordered we didn’t liked.

If you want try some vegetarian cuisine served in lovely Buddhist surroundings, pure lotus might be worth a shot: 10 Nongzhan Nanli, in compound below the JVC Tower Contact: 6592-3627