2 Days in Lijiang

DSC02732 A day of walking around Lijiang old Town is very relaxing, alley roads go up and down, turning left and right, pretty much like Beijing hutongs, but just not flat.

DSC02750 From old town, you can walk to this natural lake called Black Dragon Pool. It is full of greens, running creeks and falls. Blue sky with quite low white clouds gave me such great mood. Something I always miss in Beijing.

DSC02764 DSC02765

On the way to the little hill, we found some dong ba symbols, it is said that it is the only pictograph alive in the world. Dongba culture is also very unique with music, dancing and more.

DSC02776 DSC02777

The 2nd day, we decided to go on a bike tour to Baisha old town which is outside of lijiang old town about 10KM. On the way we passed a water storage lake, there were people swimming around. we regretted that we didnt bring our swimming suits.

DSC02786 DSC02785

For the first time ever, I saw the most beautiful flower called Dali, and the most plain plants marijuana which doesnt seem to be special. I wont recognize it if nothing told me. LOL.


Now something “fun”. While we were walking around exploring all the little naxi decorations, I found this selling on different stalls. Look carefully and tell me: who says Chinese are conservative? 😀 couldnot help laughing.

DSC02798 DSC02797

We found a local restaurant which doesn’t have menu. After pointing some vegetables, our lunch were ordered. And it turned out pretty delicious. Yummy.

DSC02799 DSC02800

Locals in Baisha village are pretty laid back.  They got together playing majang and poker. I found most of them are still wearing Chairmao style hat which you wont see in most places in China. Naxi women often wear a sheep skin stole over the shoulder where seven round patterns representing seven stars are embroidered, symbolizing the remarkable capacity and the hardworking spirit of the Naxi women. The one in the photo seems really plain, but I wonder how annoying it would to wear that “shell”.

DSC02820View on the way back to Lijiang old town.