How To Change Your Life In 21 Days

1. Take 100% Responsibility

Within these 21 days, don’t make any excuses, don’t blame and don’t complain. Take 100% responsibility. This is the first thing that you must do to change your life. For things to change, you must first change yourself. Always remember this, nothing will change if you’re not changing.

2. Focus In Where You Are Heading

You must live a directed life in these 21 days. So know what you really want to achieve in your life, write down your goals once every morning after you woke up and once every night before you sleep. You need to sink the idea of your goals into your subconscious mind and this is what you’ll have to do.

3. Motivate, Learn and Improve

One of the reasons for causing inaction is because of the lack of motivation. If you don’t have the motivation, you’ll never take action. You need motivation to keep you going in your life, to achieve what you want, to earn more, to be a millionaire and to be successful.

4. Take Action Everyday

Once you’ve your goals written down and your action plan created. It is time for you to follow through your action plan and achieve your goals. So take at least 3 action steps everyday for the following 21 days. You MUST do this. No matter how busy you are, take 3 actions even if you need to sleep late.

Success is about getting things done. The more things you get them done, the more results you’ll receive. This is what separates a successful person from an ordinary one. Every successful person is a go-getter. So learn to be a go-getter in the following 21 days.

This is the 21-day challenge for you. I hope that you can follow through and be who you are supposed to be. Everyone wants to be rich, everyone wants to be a millionaire and everyone wants to live a successful life. If you are serious in achieving what you really want in your life, live these 21 days with 100% commitment.


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