Lessons For Life


Talked about lessons for life today with Morris.

Mine is: You are the owner of your life. Live in this exact moment and enjoy what you do!

Lessons for Life on BBC has lots of life lessons people gave, I am taking some notes here to share the ones I enjoy:

– Living the moment is important for people. But nowadays, unfortunately people cannot do this. People always have to think about future therefore, obsession comes with this result. Nowadays, it is difficult to live peacefully and enjoyable. We take life too seriously. We cannot leave enough time ourselves. It is important to taste life while living. People need to be optimistic rather than pessimistic about future. Inevitably, people find themselves in a life competition for many area. Especially in education and business life. This competition starts when childhood period. Children need to advantage of each other in this race. After that, they have to prepare for business life. When they entered the business life, they need to improve themselves for career. In conclusion, our life is tough and very competitive. This kind of life, sometimes it is difficult to live the moment peacefully.

– Never stop learning & improving! Oneself in tomorrow must be better than in today!

– One’s life is short and complex. So, try to be optimistic and proactive, and keep trying to know who you are, where you were coming from, and what you value the most in your life. Your life would be enjoyable.

-The most important resource for people in their lives is the TIME!Remember it and don’t waste your time.


Right now I am responsible for one of the facebook page called DHgate Kaboooom! Fashion. That is why I have been search around for some fashion related news, items, and styles which is fun to do.

I don`t really find myself connected to most of the trendy items in the fashion field. It is too much for me, too complicated and maybe a bit pretentious as well. Or It is just me being lazy which might be more true than another.

The random trendy thing I found today is feather hair extension. Yes, wearing feathers in one’s hair in the form of feather hair extensions is now a hot hair trend especially among younger women for a rocker chic or back-to-nature look.

Hmmm, again, I am thinking WHY?

I like simple style. Just like the saying: Only great minds can afford a simple style. You know what I am talking about? 😉