Nautical Rope Bracelet

有机会做个这!一看就好容易的说!Open-mouthed smile



Step 1

Materials needed:

Rope – 4 strands, 30cm each (I got mine from Daiso!)
2 Leather Strips – Cut to 3.5cm each
Snap buttons

Step 2

1. Make a loop by bringing one end of the rope across the other.

Step 3

2. With the above image as a guide, thread your second strand through as above.

Step 4

3. Bring the bottom right end under, over and under. It sounds complicated but following the pictures closely should leave you with right knot! :>

Step 5

4. You should have this by now. If not, don’t fret! Just go through the steps again to make sure your rope was looped through correctly.

Step 6

5. Get another strand of rope and follow the first strand through the loop.

Step 7

6. Do the same with your last strand of rope. Follow your second strand through the loop.

Step 8

7. Now you have your knot!

Step 9

8. Pull your knot taut.

Step 10

9. Snip your ends even for both sides.

Step 11

10. Fold your leather strips in half to gauge if it holds your ends nicely.

Step 12

11. Sew on your snap buttons.

Step 13

12. One side done! Sew on the other side of the snap buttons to another piece of leather strip.

Step 14

13. Tuck your rope ends into the fold of your leather strip and start sewing around the open edges to secure it.

Step 15

14. This is how it should look when you’re done sewing.

Step 16

15. Repeat for the other end of your bracelet, but do note that your snap buttons should be facing opposite directions, or you won’t be able to snap your bracelet on!

Step 17

16. You’re done! Your snap closure should look like this if you’ve done it right. 🙂