Right now I am responsible for one of the facebook page called DHgate Kaboooom! Fashion. That is why I have been search around for some fashion related news, items, and styles which is fun to do.

I don`t really find myself connected to most of the trendy items in the fashion field. It is too much for me, too complicated and maybe a bit pretentious as well. Or It is just me being lazy which might be more true than another.

The random trendy thing I found today is feather hair extension. Yes, wearing feathers in one’s hair in the form of feather hair extensions is now a hot hair trend especially among younger women for a rocker chic or back-to-nature look.

Hmmm, again, I am thinking WHY?

I like simple style. Just like the saying: Only great minds can afford a simple style. You know what I am talking about? šŸ˜‰



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