JuLy 1/ Half of 2010

Time flies once you know

you should cherish youth

Time slips away when you are

enjoy life

Time goes fast while you are

focused and busy with what you do

Half of 2010 has flew away…

Look back… I have done quite

a lot of travelling which I am very happy about

– Shanghai for 2010 NY

– Phuket. Thailand for CNY

– Pingyao old city town for a weekend

– Manila/Cebu/Bohol in Philippines for Dragon boat festival…

Me vuelve loco de viejas! Y quiero viajar mas!

My next trip will be SPAIN!

YAY! ha ha…

I will be so poor but who cares about money!

I only live once, I am going to enjoy my life

and see/experience as much I can!

Save money to pay for my travel!

Aprender Espanol!

About love and relationship,

2.5 months to go!

I hope yuanfen and our effort will bring us together.

Perhaps I should go to lama temple again. 🙂

Hope everything goes well for the rest of the 2010!

Jia You!