Yun Nan Style: Fried Beans

昨晚小云南的一聚非常欢乐。可是臭小子从饭桌到回家的路上一直念念不忘Fried beans. 无奈无人响应他的馋虫,最后他只能咽下口水了。





Red Kidney Beans:250G

Starch:2 TBS 

Salt:1 Ts

Pepper powder:1/4 TS


1、Soak kidney beans for 2 hours, untill soften. Boild in the water with 1/2 Teaspoon salt for 15 mins.

2、Get the beans out of water, dry a bit, then stir the starch in to cover the beans.

3、Heat the oil in the pan, fry the beans till goden, then take them out.

4、Sprinkle salt and pepper, cool and serve.

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