Angela`s trip to Philippines





  • 2010 June 12th—June 13th: BJ to Manila

宿:Friendly`s guesthouse

游:Intromuros 市中市/ Robbinson`s (好吃的Mango/Avocado shake)

行:11路步行+ Jeepney(菲比寻常)

DSC00523 DSC00496

Intromuros wandering, Jeepney shots.. Drank on the street,

Later discovered that it was forbidden by the law!

DSC00542 DSC00550

  • June 13th.. June 14th:Manila to Cebu

宿:Cebu guest house

游:Mango Square+ Carbon Market+ light house lunch

行:Jeepney+ 11路walk

DSC00583 DSC00588

In the Jeepney on the way to Carbon Market where Pilipino ppl shop

Then Had lunch @lighthouse, yummy Philipino food, take a careful look at the pic.

DSC00613 DSC00616

  • June 14th —June 18th: Cebu to Bohol @ Alona Beach

宿:paragayo Resort

游:Island Hopping: Dolphin watching +Balicasa island and virgin island,

Chocolate Hills + cold spring + Monkey Tasier + Panglao Church + Hinaghan Cave

行:Boats + Motorbikes


DSC00659 DSC00682

DSC00694 DSC00700

DSC00723 DSC00686



To be continued.. 🙂

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