Sui Sui Nian

Every day, every minute, every year

Times goes super fast

It is because I live in BJ?

I wonder… cuz I did feel life is slow back home


Friday I was sooo tired… arghhhhh

Daryl went back to Swiss…

Another nice friend left BJ…

I guess thats life…ppl come and go…


Sat went to Lan and Chocolate…

he he…what a crazy place!

It was like live in the movie!

we all got very high!

Went to lugas…

Best meal ever, I had a loads of jalapenos!

yummy! Stimulation!


Didnt do much this weekend!

Prepared a PPT … at least finished it.

I need to get my IELST test plan done ASAP!


Monkey called me 2 during weekend…

I really hope that we can work together to bring each other together…


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