Study Notes review

New words:

1. Keep your finger on the pulse

e.g. Things change very fast, you`ve got to keep your finger on the pulse.


2. elicit

e.g. Have you manage to elicit a response from them yet?

The questionnaire was intended to elicit information on eating habits.


3. readily

e.g. He readily agreed to help me.


4. erroneous

e.g. He always has a erroneous impression about people in general.


5. robust

e.g. He looks robust and healthy enough.

a robust pair of walking boots

a robust  economy


昨天做了这周的工作计划,非常开心,下班回到家吃饭休息了一下,打扫好桌面开始大概了解雅思考试。做了一个阅读的测试。3个部分一共40个题。错了10个! 气死我了,回头看看答案,其实有3到4个不该错。不过看在是第一次又很久没有做题的份上,我还是比较满意自己的。。。




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