Happy Birthday!

The Beginning

We met at  the airport in 06

I was nervous wondering around in the airport waiting

Never talked to a foreigner

I have no idea about how to behavour

Sooo there you are

A quite small man with all the hair standing up

I thought not bad looking…

Hopefully it wont be bad to work with you. Ha 😉


It was my second job and I took it as a good opportunity

We worked hard

sending out flyers, doing demo classes

Often it was after 10PM when I got home

We fought badly

because of the cultural difference

Romantic Feelings…

Slowly, there is something…

I havent gotten myself clear

It melted me…

We chatted in a small coffee shop

I thought that was romantic.

But the most romantic thing is

I saw you with rose flowers

and we went to the room, you spread petals on the floor and bed

we kissed and huged

A year later… after going through everything

we got to BJ on 28th Feb 07

I thought we will be here together for a while

However, one day, you told me you have to leave me

I crashed… I even thought that was a joke

You left with short notice which hurt me badly

I questioned our relationship

Come Again

2 years years later…

You came back… we met at the subway

Everything changed, but something didn`t change

I still love you, carrying the strong feeling for you

And I know that you share the same

So here we are… Together!

But this time I hope we are stronger and firmer.

I love you My lollipop!

Happy Birthday and thanking for being in my life!


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