Couch surfing meetingssss

I have been doing a lot of cs meeting recently

Really feel very nice about this idea.

went for dumplings last night with 2 swedish uni students

and my lovely guest who I am hosting from Spain.

I was starving…so I decided to order a lot of food… 😀

It came with really a huge amount of food in the end.

Luckily, and surprisingly, we finished all…

I felt like I achieved  a big success!

Fernando, and the other 2 were keeping saying best food.

I do believe the 2 swedish tho… they had a lot…hahah

Apparently they hasnt had pleasant meal since they came here

I guess it is hard for them to order if you dont speak local  language.

I certainly experienced that when I was in Vietnam and Thailand, Malaysia.

But I thought it was quite fun anyways…

After dinner we went to drum and bell tower to chill out on the roof

Had a great time about countries and politics even I am very ignorant about both…

At least I learned something.

There is no celebration for national holiday in sweden.

If you say you love ur country or u r a patriotic person

then ppl will think you are a racist…he he…hmmm

HOT POT tonight!


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