Moody goody!

It is A beautiful day today!
But for some reason I feel like crying!
A bit Moody! A bit stupid! A bit can not let it go!

I don`t want to let it go…
doesn`t want this feeling get out of my head
quite enjoy the time I am feeling sad a bit.
cuz this time my brain will slow down.
I will be able to chill at work…not feeling stressed.

Cser meeting last night was pretty fun.
A french guy, a Italian guy…
funny jokes…
“it is coming… let me suck it!”
Oh God!
then cork soaker comedy!
ha ha ha

Why the hell I am a bit moody now?
something is missing…
something I don`t want
something I want
something I am looking for
something I want to be

Better go back to work now…he he

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