To be or not to be!

What is life like?
Forrest Gump`s mom told him
Life was like a box o’chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.
My mom didn`t give me a lesson about life.
But she showed me life is not easy.
To be and not to be.

Phoebe stands at the entrance of the subway
singing for love..haha
which somehow touched me.
Not because what she sings
But the fine fettle she presents to me
Even tho` she had a miserable childhood
She managed to be here
To be a happy girl with naivety

Not to be with a boring life
To be with an exciting one
Not to be a stay-home bird
to be a footloose bird
to be able to fly up and high
to be able to fly far and away

Yeah, thats right!
I want to be a bird
Thus i can fly anywhere all over the world
However I will be a special bird
A transformed bird!
I can transform to a fish beauty
thus I can swim in the sea
with all kinds of cutie fish
But not with sharks and giant octopus please
Also I can transform to a girl
Thus I will try all different type of cultural clothes
Thus I can taste all the yummy food
To be a satisfied piggy girl.

Not to be a greedy human
to be a simple one
Just transform myself among
Human, bird, fish
That`s all I want to be!

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