My Life in Advertising & Scientific Advertising

Advertisment is not always bad! It can be totally helpful!

Quote a paragraph from the book I am reading now!

Begin quote now:

I am sure I would fail if I tried to advertise the Rolls-Royse, Tiffany & Co. or steinway pianos. I do not know the reactions of the rich. But I do know the common ppl. I love to talk to labouring men, to study housewives who must count their pennies, to gain the confidence and learn the ambitions of poor boys and girls. Give me something which they want and I will strike the responsive chord. My words will be simple, my sentences short. Scholars may ridicule my style. The rich and vain may laugh at the factors which I feature. But in millions of humble homes the common ppl will read and buy. They will feel that the writer knows them. And they, in advertising, form 95% of our customers.

Quote ends!

 It is quite interesting words to me! Like it very much.

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