feed ‘you’ crazily

I said I will feed you at least once a week, but I didn`t I am sorry, because  I am really busy.  I am feeling that I am short of time everyday. I should learn how to arrange my time better, and use it efficiently.

anyway,  I should summarize everything to some extent.


Time flies,  it is been like half a month until now. Everything changed a lot. I have been busy with work and life. Work hard and play hard. I went to Wukesong sports centre to watch my first Baseball Game last SAT. It was 2008 major league baseball China series. Weather was sunny a bit windy, but this didn`t influence our mood of enjoy the game at all. A lot of foreigner were there, and we played  audience wave, it was great. I loved the alive atmosphere very much, it was very exciting.

Read a news today that talked about the air pollution in BJ which said air quality in bj will not hurt  athletes` health which I think was totally bullshit. And I realized how stupid the person is to write that news or the head title for the news. Felt being pissed off after amusing me a short while. Especially in today`s situation. (it is a unbelieveable sand strom day in BJ. )

Two days ago, YOUTUBE was blocked again, no matter how hard you try or what kind of proxy you are using, it was totally gone like wind. It cannot be denied that something was trying to be hidden from us. Otherwise, what is this for? It is just so childish and a way to fool ourselves around in front of the whole world. I don`t know. I don`t get it. Do you? If you do, I would like to hear from you.

 Better Angie Better Tomorrow

Life has been gone like flash

fast, silently…

you didn`t even notice it

then you are here

at this time…

You touch your heart

ask yourself…

Is this the life you wanted?

I am starting to lose in my thoughts…

I don`t know…

I haven`t figured out yet

I need more time, more room

to discuss with the girl inside of me

to feel myself, to touch my heart

Make sure I clear all the ash

and really ready to GO FOR YOU!

Becasue you deserve a better me!


It is been two weeks since I attended the Marathon training. I have been keeping doing exercises for a while, I ran 25 laps on the Sunday before last sunday which is 10 miles, and 30 laps last sunday which 1.2 miles. I didn`t know I can do that. I was very proud of myself. Also I felt great with my body. I am glad that I chose to challenge my will and physical body at this point. I will keep encouraging myself to hold on to the plan.  🙂

(Great Blues … …)

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