A long and healthy life

Do you want to live to be 100 years old? You can learn from the Japanese. There are more than 20,000 men and women over 100 years old in Japan. You may ask, “Why do they live so long? They have a lot of stress.” Yes, Japanese people often get stressed out. They usually work long hours and commute in crowded trains. Just like in other countries, many people have had habits–they drink alcohol and they smoke. They rarely take vitamins. Also, many people don`t get a lot of sleep, and they hardly ever take vacations. so, what is the secret?

Dr. shibahara is 92 and has some ideas. he says, “It is the diet.” The Japanese diet is very healthy.” People drink green tea two or three times a day. They usually eat low-fat meals. They eat fish two or three times a week and occasionally eat meat.

“Exercise is very important,” says Dr. shibahara. Japanese people usually walk a lot. Dr. shibahara is very active. He gets exercise everyday. he always take the stairs, not the elevator. Dr. shibahara also spends time with other people. He takes night classes. He goes to the movies with his grandchildren, and he often goes on picnics with his wife. She is 89. Older people in Japan usually live with their children. “Lonely people die young,” Dr. shibahara says, “Eat well, get a lot of exercise, and spend time with family and friends,” he advises.


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